• having breakfast with Lucas and exchanging gifts
  • (read!) watching her dad give his Christmas Speech with Lucas
  • discussing what to do about Christmas during dinner with her family
  • returning home and taking a nap with Lucas while her mom relaxes in the sitting room

  • don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me
  • It only matters if we care now, If you're way beyond that,Then I'm gonna dust you off of my shoulders
  • im in love with the shape of you
  • we're just prisoners here of our own device

  • Something Blue
  • Once upon a time...
  • Use your wings just like a dove...
  • Springtime
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  • (Read!) Leaving the hospital with her newborn son in the afternoon
  • Being visited by David and her parents in the morning and introducing them to the new baby
  • (READ!) Delivering a healthy baby boy after five hours of active labor
  • Spending the day with David in his playroom and then leaving for the hospital after experiencing the early stages of labor late in the evening

  • Leaving Danderyd Hospital with Carl-Philip & Returning Home to Rosendal Palace
  • Having Tests Done Before Being Discharged at Being Visited by Freddie, Mary, Victoria Daniel, Mads, Chris, Joachim, and Marie
  • Being Visited by Both their Parents in the Morning & Meeting with the Royal Court's Press Director, Margareta Thorgren, and their Private Secretary, Evelyn, to Discuss the Release of the Announcement
  • Being Continually Sick & Feeling Faint + Being Visited by her OB/GYN After Having Tests Done & Finding Out she is Suffering from Acute Morning Sickness and is 10 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

  • Those Were The Days ~ Contest for new logo
  • The Beauty Of Marble
  • Color Palette Inspirations
  • The Elegance Of Marble

  • Sem Título
  • Sem Título
  • Sem Título
  • Sem Título
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  • 29. Visiting an Aquarium
  • 28. Dinner in the City
  • 27. Breakfast in Bed
  • 26. Romantic Paris Getaway
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